Monday, July 19, 2010

The Miniatures Queue

Over at Arcadia Prime I have up a "Miniatures Queue" listing the amount of miniatures I have left to paint.

Now that I've created this new blog,  I've made some changes to the Miniatures Queue on Arcadia Prime to reflect the addition of fantasy miniatures that I've added to my task list.  I've also added the Queue here as well.

I've split up the Miniatures Queue into subdivisions: 40k, Warhammer, LotR, Battlefleet Gothic, and Space Hulk.  I've left out Epic (for now), because that would truly make things scary.

The queue will probably spike several times in the near future as I get more organized and identify more miniatures I want to paint (and possibly make some ill-advised impulse purchases).

I've removed projects such as terrain projects and other scratchbuilt ideas from the queue.  I do have lots of ideas, but they frequently change.  As the queue is supposed to be a measure of mountain of miniatures I'm trying to reduce, scratchbuilt/terrain projects don't really apply here.

So here's the new queue, as of today:

Warhammer 40k:185
Lord of the Rings:147
Space Hulk:38
Battlefleet Gothic:3

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